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Approved By AICTE and State Goverment
Affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota



Department of Computer Engineering

CS & IT Project name

  1. Portal Website(Social Networking)
  2. SMEC TPO Cell Website
  3. Steganography
  4. Call Centre Automation
  5. The AAA Principle of security 
  7. College Administration System
  8. Speech Recognition System
  9. HTTP Caching Proxy Server
  10. Rapid Transit Software
  11. Text to Speech Converter (TTS)
  12. Analysis & Comparison of ADDV & DSR based on different parameter
  13. Interactive Voice Response system (IVR)
  14. Dynamic Routing with services
  15. Session Generator  & Security System
  16. Online Discussion Site –Forum
  17. Customer Issue Adderasal System
  18. Cloud Computing Security System
  19. Instant Messenger 
  20. Citizen Information System
  21. Internal Exam System
  22. Simulation of Wireless Ad-hoc Network
  23. Finger Print Recognition
  24. Hospital Monitoring System
  25. Daily Repor
 IT Project name system
  1. Establishment of a Network for a Multi-Nation company
  2. Educational Community Portal
  3. WEB Crawler
  4. Virtual Classroom
  5. IP Spoofing
  6. Cache Memory Replacement
  7. Retinal Recognition System
  8. The Resolver
  9. Real time collaborative System
  10. Hindi-to-English Converter
  11. E-secure Transaction Securing EDI over interne
  12. Insurance System
  13. Software bidding
  14. Denoising Of Digital  Image After Noise Detection
  15. Automatic Learning System
  16. Bank Validatory System
  17. Web Caching 
  18. Cyberoam
  19. Call Tracing System
  20. Face Reorganization System
  21. Neural Network For Unicode Optical Character Recognition
Deptt of ECE and EIC Engineering

ECE-A Project List

  1. Anticolling of tarian
  3. Auto answering with secerity dial up
  4. Bilge oil water separator
  5. Detection of metal (bomb using electricfiled)
  6. Finger based security system
  7. GSM based home security system
  9. Light rover
  10. Measure and control of green house gases using zig bee technology
  11. Multi-wideband compact micro strip patch antenna based on slot matching
  12. Patient monitor system
  13. Propeller clock with message display
  14. RFID based attendance system (for student purpose)
  16. SMS based notice board for college
  17. Solar tracker (power plant)

ECE-B Project List

  1. Automatic room light controller with visitor counter / ask kit
  2. Automatic room light controller with bi directional visitor
  3. Breaking the f5algorithmviamatlab coding
  4. Computer controlled intelligent robot
  5. Digital Ic’s tester
  6. Digital watermarking
  7. Fire fighting robot
  8. High way speed sensing &automatic breaking system
  9. Laser Link Communication
  10. Pc to pc laser communication
  11. Photic phone
  12. Smart light sensitive digital clock with temp. indicator
  13. Ultrasonic based military radar system
  14. Wireless electrical appliances control through voice &pc

EIC Project List

  1. Monitoring systems
  2. Alcohol detector &control logic with toxic gas sensor
  3. Analog to Digital Converter
  5. Automatic toll tax
  6. BJT & FET Amplifier kit
  7. Bus stand control system
  8. Contact Less Technometer
  9. Electronic guard for blind
  10. Fuzzy logic based traffic light controller
  11. Industrial fault
  12. Microcontroller based industrial timer with RTC
  13. Piezo harvesting
  14. Pulse rate meter
  15. Vehicle position monitoring through GPS
  16. VI chars of laser Diod
  17. wirless energy mete

Mechanical Engineering Department

  1. Solar operated vapour absorption refrigeration system
  2. Production of Aluminum matrix composite by stir casting
  3. Fabrication of twin cylinder four stroke diesel engine test rig
  4. Analysis of RC based helicopter using blades of different materials
  5. Underground air cooling system
  6. Modification of simple engine to cam less engine
  7. Fabrication & designing of wind pump
  8. Comparison of four stroke S.I. engine using Petrol & LPG as a fuel
  9. Electricity generation with speed breaker
  10. Anti – lock braking system (ABS)
  11. Four wheels steering control system
  12. Testing & comparative study of two stroke S.I. engine with
  13. L.P.G. kit


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