10 upcoming technologies to look out for, in 2018

10 upcoming technologies to look out for, in 2018

The year 2018 promises to bring with it, a horde of technological upheavals, that is expected to erupt out of many potential students, currently undergoing B tech courses and M Tech courses. Let us take a look at the top 10 technology trends predicted to reach adoption in 2018.

  1. Deep learning (DL): Machine learning is already on the cusp of revolution and is among the most sought-after vocational courses. They are widely adopted in data centers. Applications such as image, video, and audio recognition are already being deployed for a variety of verticals. Some of the top engineering institutes in India are offering courses in this field.
  2. Digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and newcomers Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple have become commonly traded currencies. This will trigger improved cybersecurity because the stakes will be even higher as their values rise. In addition, digital currencies will continue to enable and be enabled by other technologies, such as storage, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, edge computing, and more. Top B tech colleges offer courses in digital currencies.
  3. Blockchain: The use of Bitcoin has been essential for the adoption of blockchain technology in a broader sense. We predict an increased expansion of companies delivering blockchain products and even IT heavyweights entering the market and consolidating the products. Computer science engineering subjects now include a comprehensive study of this topic.
  4. Industrial IOT: industrial IoT continues to be the most widely adopted use case for edge computing. It is driven by real needs and requirements. We anticipate that it will continue to be adopted with a broader set of technical offerings enabled by DL, as well as other uses of IoT. The use of this technology also manifests in mechanical engineering degree.
  5. Robotics: the past few years have seen the increased market availability of consumer robots, as well as more sophisticated military and industrial robots. We predict that this will trigger wider adoption of robotics in the medical space for caregiving and other healthcare uses. Combined with DL and AI robotics will further advance in 2018. Robotics will also motivate further evolution of ethics, which is why top private engineering colleges in India 2018 are taking up courses in this field.


  1. Assisted transportation: While the promise of fully autonomous vehicles has slowed down due to numerous obstacles, a limited use of automated assistance has continued to grow, such as parking assistance, video recognition, and alerts for leaving the lane or identifying sudden obstacles. We anticipate that vehicle assistance will develop further and expand as a subject in top engineering institutes in India. 
  2. Assisted reality and virtual reality (AR/VR): We anticipate that this trend will grow with modern user interfaces such as 3D projections and movement detection. This will allow for associating individuals with metadata that can be viewed subject to privacy configurations, which will continue to drive international policies for cybersecurity and privacy. Students are seeking M tech admission in top Indian colleges which offer scope in AR and VR.
  3. Ethics, laws, and policies for privacy, security, and liability: With the increasing advancement of DL, robotics, technological assistance, and applications of AI, technology has moved beyond society’s ability to control it easily. Mandatory guidance has already been deeply analyzed and rolled out in various aspects of design and it is further being applied to autonomous and intelligent systems and in cybersecurity. Best engineering colleges in India placement wise are seeking to offer subjects in this area.


  1. Accelerators and 3D: With the end of power scaling and Moore’s law and the shift to 3D, accelerators are emerging as a way to continue improving hardware performance and energy efficiency and to reduce costs. We predict wider diversity and broader applicability of accelerators, leading to top engineering institutes in India offering studies in this subject.
  2. Cybersecurity and AI: Cybersecurity is becoming essential to everyday life and business, yet it is increasingly hard to manage. Exploits have become extremely sophisticated and it is hard for IT to keep up. Students are seeking admission in best college for B tech based on their faculty for this subject alone.


Get your B tech admissions 2018 in top IT colleges in India or vocational courses based on your area of interest from these emerging technologies.


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