"Technology is never the end in itself: it is the means to achieve the final corporate goals".

- Chairman's Message

Why St.Margaret Engineering College

  • On Campus Industry-Related Training

  • Student Development Programs

  • Vocational Courses

  • Govt. Programs

  • Faculty Development Programs


Programs that change your life!

SMEC has long-term goals for their students as well as it’s faculty members. We are targeting not just today’s youth but also looking forward to being a part of a premier institutes of India to which the future generation will look up to.It’s premier education system has been transforming the youth of our nation into civilised and employable citizens.



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The time we spent at SMEC was amazing, they have excellent faculty and a beautiful campus. The training and Placement Department provides assistance and guidance at every step of finding a suitable job. I am thankful to SMEC for shaping my career in a way nobody else could have.

I feel so proud to be an ex-student of SMEC. What I liked the most about this university is the cordial and friendly relationship between faculty and students which gives students an opportunity to pursue their passion. I have grown here immensely, all thanks to my mentors, teachers and fellow mates.

I would Say SMEC is doing a great job by imparting professional skills to students, that help them earn even while they are studying. I see SMEC as a future of academic excellence. The helpful faculty members and extracurricular activities have completely changed my personality. I have learned a lot in the time span of 4 years.

Last 3 years of my life were best spent at SMEC. These years have made me grow as an individual with a focus and knowledge trained at technological advancements. Experience of industrial practices as well as personal mentorship with experts have shown me path to success. Also, time spent with friends competing and team working in co-curricular activities was memorable.